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Maximalist Wedding

A maximalist wedding is glam, bold and over-the-top. Color and patterns mixed with natural textures are used for the reception space or the ceremony for a big impact. Maximalist weddings create an exciting energy the details make it a truly memorable and indulgent experience for the couple and their guests.

Bring the outside in with a beautiful garden ceiling installation. A lush installation dripping with greenery and white florals. Natural rattan lighting to adds a splash of boho glam.


Who doesn't luv a great dance floor? Custom designed dance floors add a fun element to a reception. There are many different options for custom dance floors out there disco balls and colored tiles to match your wedding colors are just a start. Have a little fun with it!

(Photo by Jacob E Tovar)

Using pattern in your bridesmaids dresses is a wedding trend we luv. Floral print bridesmaid dresses are a beautiful choice to create a maximalist photo worthy moment. Surrounding the bride with the perfect backdrop. (Show me your Mumu bridesmaid dresses)

This over the top beautiful high energy cake by Mishelle Handy Cakes is a show stopper. Putting all these details together creates a dream palette of color to complete your already amazing day.

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